The Shangri La

By May27th. Google announced a new service called the Google AJAX Libraries API on their blog. Explained in a really simple way by SitePoint everything is about speeding up the entire internet by using shared JavaScript libraries. The following JavaScript frameworks are already available on the google grid:

There are two possible ways to access the scripts from your page.

FIRST: use a really simple <script src=”…”> tag or

SECOND: use the Google AJAX API Loader’s google.load() method and call the different frameworks directly.

To quote Google: “The AJAX Libraries API takes the pain out of developing mashups in JavaScript while using a collection of libraries. We take the pain out of hosting the libraries,correctly setting cache headers, staying up to date with the most recent bug fixes, etc.”

This really should cut the response time of some websites. But…

Google will continue to track your visitors behavior and even *could* change the JavaScript code doing nasty things like inserting ads, whatever… They won’t but i would prefer a distributed hosting solution. Kind of P2P Framework collection. Until something like that is available i am sure a lot of people will make good use of google’s service.